The Appetizing Taste of Indian Weddings Food

Why Indian Wedding Foods Are Extravagant

Indian wedding ceremonies are known to be done grandiosely. Right from the photographers, rituals, customs, and traditional wedding dresses and how the venue was prepared, everything is considered to be special and extraordinary on its own. So, you will also have to expect something exquisite when it comes to Indian food prepared for wedding events as well.

indian weddingIndian cuisine is popular due to its use of flavorful spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. From a simple diet to a lavish meal, you will also be impressed on how its local culture can affect its cuisine from preparation to taste. As for wedding events, a grand feast is what you should anticipate.

Indian weddings food is also prepared by the family of the bride as they are also the one assigned for the wedding ceremony. Before, cooks are hired to prepare the dishes but there are now many great caterers that provide Indian cuisine for special events. The type of food to be put on the table for the wedding feast is solely based on the origin of the bride and groom and of their families. But it can now also be modernized my adding western cuisine.

From the venue, the guests will be served with snacks and appetizers. These snacks are typically finger foods that suit the taste of both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Examples of this are the pakoras and kebabs. Pakoras are fried snacks made from chicken, bread, onion, potato, or other common ingredients that can be used for this. On the other hand, kebab is a dish consists of meat, fish and vegetables that are roasted or grilled, click here.

What’s good with Indian weddings food is that strong flavors are used juts to please the palate of every guest. Even if it is just for s snack before the full meal, everything is done extravagantly. By now, Indian cuisine has more to offer for all events.

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