Capturing the Sunset in Your Wedding Pictures in San Diego CA

Sunset in San Diego For Your Wedding Pictures

You cannot miss sunset in your creative wedding photography because it adds drama and light. Talking about best places to take wedding pictures.You need to go with your San Diego wedding photographer to spots that highlight the beauty of sunsets. As you know, San Diego is situated in a very advantageous geographical location wherein you could easily witness beautiful sunset every end of afternoon. The waterfront of San Diego will give life to your wedding photography. You will have variety of places to go.

Here are some of the top 3 places wherein you can take wedding photography as you highlight the beautiful sun down scenery:

Scripps Pier La Jolla
This place is definitely a “wower” especially during sundown. This place could be located in Scripps Pier. During low tide, you can take your entourage in the sand and take pictures. The place bathes with golden reflection from the sun and the sea itself. While you partner and you take a walk at the pier, you can also have some candid shots to make use of the local wildlife, seagulls in the background. Go ahead and plan out your shoot in this place. It is worth it.

Sunset Cliffs Ocean Beach
Bring out the adventurous side of you while taking wedding photos in this place. This place is basically free ad your pictures will look just as one taken by any San Diego wedding photographers. All you need to do is drive through the beautiful and serene coastline of California, and park your car somewhere else. Nothing beats a photography that gives emphasis on nature. The cliff could be a good backdrop for your portrait shots plus the golden sunset that pierces its way into the sea. Check this place using your Google map.

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Church of Latter Day Saints La Jolla
One of the best places to take wedding pictures in San Diego, CA is this area. The best timing in order to capture the beauty of the sun is first thing in the morning and before the sun sets. You can make use of the church’s architecture to capture dramatic scenes and shots. The bright white color of the church will make your photography a Disney-like fairy tale.

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