Choosing Old Design Wedding Dresses in Dallas TX

Beautiful Old Design Wedding Dresses in Dallas, TX

wedding dressA bride wants to feel unique, beautiful and special on her big day and what better way to ensure that than by wearing vintage? With so many decades of old design wedding dress in Dallas, TX to choose from, the bride can easily find a style and shape that suits her. She can choose something that is unique in design and style that you will look glamorous in your wedding photo.

Advantages of vintage wedding gowns:

  • More styles to opt from
  • Uniqueness
  • Price
  • Better quality most particularly on dresses from the 1980s and earlier.

Other bride’s today are choosing old design wedding dress in Dallas, TX and nonwhite dresses more than ever. The tradition of the white wedding dress only began in recent century. There is no rule that says a bride has to wear white or that she must wear a traditional wedding dress. Do consider skin and hair tones when you pick your wedding gown color. Ivory works well with redheads and fair skin. A lot of vintage wedding dresses are available in all sizes. There are dress shapes that are more forgiving than others. There are so many places to look for vintage wedding dress! It is nice to visit a vintage shop and try on some dresses to determine your body shape that suits your best. There is no shortage of vintage wedding dresses of all shapes and in all sorts of price ranges.

Wedding dresses by decades:

1940s – Best for straight, apple figures and petite works with small busts, narrow shoulders and small to medium hips.
1950s – These look gorgeous on long, slim frames but are also stunning on curvy figures. The secret is to wear smoothing undergarments. Best for tall, curvy figures and slender.
1960s – The dresses suit a variety of figures. Best for plus size and apple shapes. The broad shoulders are good for creating the illusion of a smaller waistline. If you have slopped shoulders this is a good wedding dress for you.
1980s – Best for variety of shapes especially tall women. Looks with narrow skirts and works well with slender arms and legs this kind of dress also available in

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