Discount Packages for Bigger Limos in Your Wedding at Miami FL

Find Out the Best Deal for Your Wedding Limo

Wedding photographer, caterer, florist, and expense is really something that you should be prepared of because the moment you will start planning for your wedding, you will realize that you need tons of cash. Getting big sized limo transportation in Miami, FL could be a little out of reach for some couples but worry not because there are ways to save money while getting a luxury ride. Yes, that is true and not a bluff. Every provider has its own package offers so make sure you always inquire.

Here are some of the basic packages that you might encounter while finding a specific limo or service provider provider that you can find. For more details visit here:


This package is the most basic service wherein the couple will get 2 limos, 1 sedan and 1 stretch limo.


In this package, you will be getting 3 limos. It is up to you which one you’re going to use: traditional sedan, stretch, hummer, and etc.


This package also offers 3 limos but you will be getting a premier BMW sedan which everybody is dreaming to ride plus 2 other limos that you prefer for your guests and family members.


In this deal, you can have 1 vintage Rolls Royce which is a top tier luxury ride and 2 other limos depending on the number of your guests. Gold package’s vehicle choice is more comprehensive; most of the cars are brand new.


As its name suggests, diamond package is comprehensive and top quality. You will be getting 1 limo bus, 1 limo and additional Rolls Royce. Stun your guests by getting this package; it is worth the money you are going to invest.


This is the highest package in terms of price and quality. In this category, you will be getting 2 bus limos, 1 Rolls Royce and 2 other limos that you prefer.

With these packages of big sized limo for wedding in Miami, FL, you will have the option what to choose depending on your allotted budget. If none of these packages fits to your demand, you can also customize the service with the provider.

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