Inexpensive And Trendy 2017 Wedding Venues To Try In Clearwater, FL

2017 Trendy and Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Planning for a wedding is without a doubt stressful especially if you do not know how to deal with the cost of your venues. In fact, most budget woes of soon to be married couples will always start with the venue. Here in Clearwater, FL, there are a number of options that will only make you spend less but will deliver something really trendy and creative.

Try your friend or neighbor’s barn. You may not know it but barns are really perfect reception locations especially if you are aiming for a rustic themed wedding. Barns are usually massive so you will have plenty of space to utilize for your tables, buffet area, stage and many more. If your friend owns the barn then you can get it for free or you’ll have to pay in discounted amount. This type of venue is fun and at the same time frugal as you only need to set the tone by making use of candles, lights and music. There is no need for bells and whistles.

Backyard pool wedding location. Surely, there are a lot of houses or neighborhood here in Clearwater that has pools. When setting up this kind of reception, you will only need a few things like wedding arch, flowers, chairs, tables and the pool. Some couples are making use of the pool’s water in order to float candle for the evening ceremony. This style is low key at the same time romantic. It will save you big amount of dollars.

Pick your school’s sports field. This idea sounds a bit crazy but there are a number of couples who have successfully did this type of wedding reception. If you are high school sweethearts then you should not think twice to ask the school board. Most of the time, schools are really supportive when it comes to the weddings of their alumni so make sure that you send the letter of intent ahead of time. Rules may vary from one school to another but worry not because at some point the board will be more lose.

Getting married in a church. Some couples have an eye on to tie the knot in a church. If you are always attending Sunday fellowship in a certain church, you can ask the management regarding your intention. The church management will be more than happy to help you. Although some churches may be expensive, there are others that are offering the service for free in return for another service. You can offer to clean the church for a couple of days in order to make the service fully free for your wedding. It is no secret that you look forward to getting educated in this subject. And you also most likely want to enjoy your experience while doing it. DreamView Hotel considers these factors and will guide you during the purchasing process.

If you know how to become resourceful when it comes to your Clearwater, FL wedding venues, you can be able to reduce the cost of the overall service. Before throwing yourself out there, it is essential that you conduct your own little research first regarding the venue options that you should take.