The Outcome of a Careless Search for a Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant Mistakes

All About WeddingThere is a big difference when you get married in a church or in a civil wedding. In a church, the officiant is the priest or the pastor; while in a civil wedding, you can contact a wedding celebrant. Take note, you must not call just any wedding celebrant because you won’t like the outcome of a careless search.

You should learn from the couples who found and hired a marriage celebrant from local classified ads, suggestions from friends and hiring a friend to officiate. There are countless of things that you do not want to experience on your own wedding when hiring a celebrant you don’t know well.

Marriage celebrants who forget their lines, calling the couple with another name or worse, losing the rings are not the best reasons for your wedding to be remembered. These are just few of the mistakes that wedding celebrants make in real-life during the wedding ceremony.

It is highly recommended to find your wedding celebrant months or even a year prior to the wedding date. Many couples settle with the celebrants they find at the last minute in classified ads. If you aren’t mad enough with the name switching and losing the wedding rings, you will be distressed to know that the celebrant is not even legal or authorized to operate in your area. In the end, your wedding is not actually legal.

Now would you consider hiring a friend to officiate your wedding ceremony? You probably know a friend or two who are registered celebrants. They either offered their service for free or you’re thinking of hiring them.

Communication is actually a secret to ensure your wedding ceremony will work out just the way you want it. It is necessary that you have built a relationship with your celebrant over the course of months of meeting and discussing about your wedding ceremony. So your friend is indeed a good prospect because he/she knows you and your partner, and aware of what your relationship went through before getting married.

Hiring a friend to officiate the wedding ceremony may seem a great idea. On the other hand, if a friend is not really experienced and skilled in officiating a wedding, you better consider hiring someone else. Look for a wedding celebrant who is licensed, skilled, experienced and professional. If you do the opposite, it could lead you to costly mistakes instead of helping you save money.

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