Ways Not To Hate Your Own Wedding

Make Your Wedding Perfect

weddingWedding planning is a very stressful task. There are two things that may happen after the wedding, either you hate your own wedding or not. Often, brides tend to do everything in order to make things get in proper places. But because of some carelessness and ignorant the wedding sometimes get chaotic and tragic. Below are things that should be done in order not to hate your own wedding:

Don’t Rush

Wedding planning is a long process. It takes time to make things perfect. You can’t just have your planning day before the wedding. it does not work that way. There is no magic in real world. All you need is to take things slowly and plan well. Some brides take a year to plan a wedding some takes only 6 months. But considering that wedding is a very special day, it is crucial to acquire the wedding that you’ve been dreaming of. The luxury of planning wedding months before the date can give you ample to get the best vendors and to alter some ideas that don’t fit into your dream wedding. Time is of the essence but rushing something won’t give you the outcome that you desire.

Don’t Be a Bridezilla

Being sarcastic and negative will not help you to get what you want, instead, it will bring a more stressful wedding planning. This is why it is recommended to give yourself an ample time to prepare so that you will get the best vendors that you desire. Don’t be alienated with yourself. If things are not falling into places ask a help from your friends and family. Most bridezillas are cruel because they can’t handle the pressure. Yes, it is your wedding but you have your bridesmaid and your mother to assist you with everything you need and if you have extra budget you can hire a wedding planner to set things right. Your wedding is real and not some scripted reality tv show, therefore you don’t have any right to be sarcastic. It won’t help you.

Don’t Blow the Budget

If you already planned and set your budget you should stick to that. It is recommended to allot and segregate proper portion of budget to each wedding elements such as wedding photographer, caterer, venue, etc. Spend only to those things that are listed in your wedding list. Don’t be distracted to the things you saw around you. If it is not worth spending then don’t spend money on it. Keep in mind that you also need to spend for your honeymoon.

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