Why You Should Be an Engagement Photographer in Houston, TX?

Reasons to Be an Engagement Photographer

As a professional wedding photographer you are free to create and customize your photography packages as you see fit. Typical wedding photography packages include shooting the event, a second shooter, images in a digital format and a wedding album. One service that some photographers include by default in their packages is an engagement session. Engagement photographers in Houston, TX have become a more popular trend in recent years, with more and more couples accepting it as the norm. Here’s why you should consider including an engagement shoot as part of your packages to boost referrals, increase sales and improve your overall business.

PhotographerPractice makes perfect

Your client has spent quite some time finding and selecting the perfect photographer for wedding: you. An engagement session is mutually beneficial and is the perfect time to conduct a trial run so that both you and your client can see what working together would be like on the actual wedding day. You’ll have a chance to show your client how you work, what your photography style is and provide a sample of what their wedding images will look like. You will learn their preferences and what lighting and angles they look best in, and they will have the opportunity to tell you what sides and angles they prefer as well. As you work together, you will all become more comfortable with one another which will make shooting the actual wedding day smoother and more natural.

Increased product sales

An important thing to remember as a professional photography Houston is that every session is a selling opportunity. An engagement session is a time for you to showcase your skills, talent and work method, but it is also a chance for you to sell prints, additional sessions and other products. For example, many couples use their engagement photos in the Save The Date cards they mail out for their wedding. By making a sample mock-up of what a Save The Date card could look like with one of their photos, you are offering them a product that they’ll want to purchase from you. As soon as they see how beautiful the engagement images are, they will most likely want to order prints and other a la carte items as well.

Upselling opportunities

In addition to all of the prints and product sales that you’ll receive from the engagement session, you’ll also have the opportunity to upsell. Once clients see how great it is to work with you and how fantastic the qualities of your products are, they’ll want to work with you more. You can offer boudoir sessions, trash the dress sessions, anniversary sessions, photo albums and much more. This is your chance to show the client that you are the right engagement photographer in Houston, TX for them and that you have so much more to offer in addition to your wedding and engagement photography skills.

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